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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When government usurps the rights of parents

When government usurps 
the rights of parents

Michael Hoffman’s comment: In any society where the Bible, its statutes, judgments and morality, are not esteemed and held in authority, the government will usurp the rights of the parents and before long, the power of life and death itself. Many white liberals, who pride themselves on rescuing cats and dogs from animal shelters, are persuaded that the “population explosion” is, after “climate change,” the chief threat facing the planet. When these people obtain judicial or medical power, the value of human life in their eyes is highly problematic, and more often than not, disposable. 

For the Love of Charlie Gard

When it comes to the life of a child, should parental devotion be disqualifying?

By William McGurn
Wall Street Journal | July 18, 2017 p. A13

So Charlie Gard’s fate now comes down to this: whether an American doctor can persuade a British judge that little Charlie’s life is worth living.

The child cannot see, cannot hear, and suffers from a genetic disorder for which there is no cure—yet he has exposed the great fault line between the post-Christian West and its past. For most of history, men and women have regarded suffering as part of life. But as medicine tames once-deadly afflictions and the idea of some larger meaning to the cosmos wanes, suffering comes to appear less a part of the natural order than an intolerable anomaly.

Follow this logic to the end and you will arrive at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. The hospital dates to 1852, when it was founded by a doctor hoping to relieve “the shockingly high level of infant mortality.” How curious that this same hospital now argues for infant mortality, or at least for the mortality of one particular infant.

Hospital experts say it’s in Charlie’s “best interests” that he be denied the experimental treatments because he “has no quality of life.” Better for him to die, they say, than risk suffering. Never mind the judge’s original admission that “no one can be certain whether or not Charlie feels pain.”

Let us stipulate a distinction between removing someone from life support, as the hospital proposes, and taking active measures to induce death. Put another way, if Connie Yates and Chris Gard —Charlie’s parents—decided to remove their son from his ventilator and allow nature to take its course, it would be a difficult but eminently defensible position.

But the claim asserted by the representatives of Britain’s state-run health care system is more sweeping and insidious: This is our call, they say. Such is the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s sense of dominion, says Ms. Yates, that it refused to allow Charlie to come home to die, wrapped in the loving arms of his mom and dad.

In the Book of Exodus the Israelites are warned that theirs is a “jealous God,” but there is no god more jealous than single-payer health care. For at the heart of single payer is single authority. Isn’t it striking how resentful the legal and health care authorities are that Charlie’s family has raised $1.7 million, thus taking money off the table as an excuse to deny him the offered treatments?

Against the emotional outbursts of the parents, the official pronouncements all aim to convey a sense of reasonableness, with soothing references to the law, the selflessness and expertise of those pushing to overrule Charlie’s parents, and, of course, the complexity of the situation.

Still, the deck has been stacked from the beginning. The giveaway is the appointment of a guardian to represent Charlie’s interests, even as the court rulings concede it would be difficult to find a more devoted mother and father. Now we learn the lawyer who represents Charlie in court runs a charity with connections—surprise!—to a sister organization that promotes assisted suicide and until 2006 called itself the Voluntary Euthanasia Society.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital even wants the last word on love: “In one respect, Charlie is immensely fortunate” to have such loving parents. Because in this context “in one respect” really means, “not in the sense that has to do with decisions about their son’s life.” In other words, the parents’ love disqualifies them. In choosing a guardian to represent Charlie against his parents, the courts sided with the doctor who characterized Charlie’s mom and dad as a “spanner in the works.”

It wasn’t long ago that people worried about the cheapening of human life were predicting practices such as legal abortion would lead to the acceptance of things once thought unthinkable. Euthanasia, for example, or the weeding out of children deemed not perfect enough. These people were dismissed as Cassandras. They now look like prophets.

Charlie Gard’s story comes after a case in the Netherlands where an elderly women suffering from dementia woke up and resisted as she was about to be euthanized—only to have the doctor order her family to hold her down for the fatal injection...

The essence of civilization is that the strong protect the weak. But Charlie Gard shows that the barbarian no longer comes wielding a club and grunting in some undecipherable tongue. These days the barbarian comes as an expert, possessed of all the requisite certification—and an unquestioned faith in his absolute right to impose final judgments about the “quality of life” of other people’s loved ones.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Benedict Option

The Benedict Option

By Michael Hoffman

Pope-follower Rod Dreher of The American Conservative magazine is the author of The Benedict Option, which lays out a commendable strategy for preserving Christendom against the barbarians by securing a redoubt in rural America and creating communities that will have a decent chance to survive and flourish, similar to those of St. Benedict of Norcia (480-547 A.D.).

Dreher is seconding a well-known alternative. It is not his original concept, as he freely admits. We may quibble with the particulars but the idea is sound and many are acting upon it. Where I reside, in northern Idaho, many hundreds of Conservatives (at least) relocate here every year, seeking freedom and fellowship with Christian people of like mind. So kudos to Dreher for popularizing and attempting to systematize the “Benedict Option.”

The Other “Benedict Option”

The problem is that Dreher himself, as a flawed personal guide to the Vatican labyrinth, is enamored of some very confused and naive thinking concerning another Benedict, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger who is now “emeritus Pope" Benedict XVI.

Could Mr. Dreher be so gullible as to be unaware of the Machiavellian and Hegelian feints, stratagems, double-talk and double mind issuing from the popes of Rome? It would seem so, based on his analysis of Pope Benedict’s recent, thinly veiled hints to the effect that his successor, Pope Francis, is making shipwreck of the Church. 

These signals were delivered by Archbishop Georg Ganswein, Benedict's surrogate, in a eulogy for a deceased “Conservative,” Cardinal Joachim Meisner, on July 15. Dreher and other “Conservative Catholic” pundits view Benedict’s eulogy for Meisner — who had questioned Francis— in which the erstwhile pope spoke of a catastrophe afflicting the Church, as a sign of resistance to Francis (See Dreher, “Pope Benedict’s SOS). 

Benedict’s surrogate stated, “...the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing.

Mr. Dreher writes:

 Keep in mind that Catholics think of the Church as the 'barque of Peter' — a boat, captained by Peter. Benedict XVI is saying here that the Church appears to be going down, capitulating to the Zeitgeist. ...I had to re-read that statement from Benedict several times to quite believe it. This is a staggering remark, one whose power is amplified by the fact that it was delivered at the requiem mass for a cardinal who challenged Pope Francis directly. I cannot read it as other than Benedict’s judgment of the state of the Catholic Church under Francis. If you have a more plausible reading, let’s hear it. If I’m correct, contained within these few lines is Benedict’s counsel to the Catholic faithful who wish to resist this dictatorship of the Zeitgeist: you are not wrong; things really are as bad as they seem — but stand fast in the faith, and fear not."

The patent message is that there remains one “conservative” pontiff willing to buck the tide of a liberal pope, and rally troops on the Right against the Left. 

Why the need to send this message? It is important to the Cryptocracy to retain Conservatives' faith in the popes. The pay-pray-and-obey tradition on the Right must be kept open for the sake of the survival of the institution. The far-Leftist Francis is undermining the centuries-old Left-Right papist symbiosis. Into the void and in the nick of time steps the other "Benedict option," 90-year-old Pope Benedict to attempt to build Conservative morale sufficient to keep Right wing sheep in the wolf's fold. 

(His eulogy was vague enough to afford him plausible denial should the Left call him out on “undermining” Francis). 

If he truly were a tribune of Conservative Catholicism, however, why did Benedict abdicate in the first place, knowing full well there was a strong chance the papacy would be turned over to Bergoglio? Even more significant is the fact that Benedict XVI was himself a wrecker. The Cryptocracy has performed a wonderful act of prestidigitation in transforming Pope Benedict into a faithful watchman against revolution, when in truth he was a leader of it.

For example, Benedict is a pontiff who does not believe in the literal bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, as documented in this writer’s book, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome (pp. 89-90).  Hence, he is not a Christian by any meaningful standard of measurement. Like many popes since the Renaissance he is also a Neoplatonic heretic (p. 90).

Followers of the Church of Rome may lull themselves to sleep concerning the grave transgressions of Pope Benedict XVI, though by doing so they are leaving the field wide open for Protestants who are not so myopic. Matthew Vogan, who writes with civility in his essay, “Does the Pope Believe in the Resurrection?” (Free Presbyterian Magazine, September, 2010; reprinted in my book [pp. 89-92]), compiled a devastating dossier on Benedict which true Catholic Conservatives should have written themselves, but were too busy blindly extolling Benedict's alleged orthodoxy.

In the Church of Rome since the sixteenth century, the thesis is always played against the antithesis, i.e. the Right is always a stage prop against the Left. The opposition of zealous Leftists to the pontificate of Benedict XVI did not render Benedict a true Catholic. Leftists are enraged that Benedict did not modify church edicts against contraception and women priests. But of what genuine significance is this particular “conservatism,” when a Neoplatonic-Hermetic revolution against the Gospel itselfthe radical overthrow of nearly 1500 years of Christian teaching on Judaismis implemented by Pope Benedict? 

The Left-wing oppositional thesis does not absolve Benedict XVI of his complicity in Paul VI’s 1965 Nostra Aetate, or John-Paul II’s “Shoah” business, or his own unconscionable synagogue visits where he behaved nothing like the apostles of the early Church or St. Vincent Ferrer. In the synagogues he colluded with the rabbis and thereby encouraged them in their resistance to the Gospel. 

Furthermore, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, his "Pontifical Biblical Commission" documents promulgated by Pope John Paul II (such as The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible), offered support for the "misunderstood" ancient Pharisees, and amounted to a whitewash of these deadly enemies of Our Lord. Moreover, the future Pope Benedict recommended the blasphemous Talmud and Midrash (“Jewish exegesis”) to Catholics for a better understanding of the Scriptures (The Occult Renaissance, pp. 551-558).This is a Conservative? What this is, is a mockery. 

Benedict’s synthesis of the Leftist thesis and the Rightist antithesis culminated in his continuing perpetuation of the calamitous “Elder brothers in the faith” fraud, and Holocaustolatry. Both of these modernist innovations were as strong as ever under Benedict’s pontificate and thanks to his astute maneuvering, were taken up by “Roman Catholic conservatives and traditionalists.” 

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Few people in the world bear more personal responsibility for the theological, moral, liturgical, and pastoral chaos in the Vatican II Sect than Joseph Ratzinger.

As theological advisor to Cardinal Josef Frings, Ratzinger participated in the shaping of some of the Vatican II documents to a significant degree. As an influential theology professor at various universities, and as an academic and author, he helped inculcate in his students’, colleagues’, and readers’ minds the “letter and spirit” of that infernal synod.

As “Archbishop” of Munich and Freising, Ratzinger implemented and applied Vatican II throughout his diocese. As Prefect of the so-called Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he determined the official “magisterial” interpretation and application of the Second Vatican Council for over 23 years, in close collaboration with “Pope” John Paul II.

Novus Ordo milestones such as the 1983 Code of Canon Law, the 1992 Catechism of the Catholic Church, the 1993 Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism, the 1993 Balamand Declaration, the 1999 Lutheran-Catholic Accord on Justification, and the 2000 Dominus Iesus Declaration were all issued under Ratzinger’s watch.

And as “Pope” from 2005-13, well, he had the power to do whatever he pleased. He could have changed anything he liked, righted every wrong, retracted or corrected every error, excommunicated every heretic.

Instead, he had Hans Kung over for coffee, went to synagogues and mosques, paid his obeisance to the Jews at the Wailing Wall, continued the blasphemous Assisi prayer meetings introduced by John Paul II...and appointed (Leftist) “cardinals” like Donald Wuerl, Reinhard Marx, Rainer Woelki, Kurt Koch, Luis Tagle, Gianfranco Ravasi, and Francesco Coccopalmerio.

Is the Novus Ordo Sect capsizing? You bet it is! Though not despite Joseph Ratzinger, but in large part because of him.

It is an old trick: Lament the very problems you yourself are responsible for creating or aggravating! Governments love to use it. It evokes compassion and makes you look like a hero. It works every time it’s tried because people have a very short memory. And it is particularly easy to pull off when your complaint blackens your successor, when you yourself are no longer in the game and thus won’t be called to account anymore.

Don’t be taken in by Benedict’s crocodile tears. Back in 1985, a mere 20 years after the close of the council, he was making headlines claiming we needed to “rediscover the true Vatican II” (see Joseph Ratzinger and Vittorio Messori, The Ratzinger Report [Ignatius Press, 1985], pp. 29-31) and warned against “degrad[ing] the liturgy to the level of a parish tea party and the intelligibility of the popular newspaper” (p. 121). That was 32 years ago! That record has been playing ever since.

It was no different for John Paul II. As far back as 1980, he ostensibly bewailed “the varied and frequent abuses being reported from different parts of the Catholic world” concerning the liturgy (see Instruction Inaestimabile Donum, Foreword).

Over 20 years later, he was still “lamenting” the same thing: “In various parts of the Church abuses have occurred, leading to confusion with regard to sound faith and Catholic doctrine concerning this wonderful sacrament” (John Paul II, “Encyclical” Ecclesia De Eucharistia [2003], n. 10). 

The following year, he once again emphasized that “it is not possible to be silent about the abuses, even quite grave ones, against the nature of the Liturgy and the Sacraments” (Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum, n. 4) — all the while his own “papal” liturgies looked like this.

“Pope” Paul VI did the same thing when he “deplored” (boasted?) that “the smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary” (Homily of June 29, 1972), yet he himself continued to fan the flames at every opportunity. This is not the mark of sincerity, it is the mark of hypocrisy.

Don’t fall for this latest episode of the same old charade. They’ve been doing it for decades.The latest trick is that they’re trying to make you believe there is an essential difference between the “good and orthodox” Benedict and the open Modernist Francis. The truth, however, is that both are selling you a pig — it’s just that Benedict’s has lipstick on it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Counterfeit “Jews” in the News

Counterfeit “Jews” in the News

By Michael Hoffman

Not so long ago the Zionist-dominated media could afford to ignore the debate over the Khazar origin of East-European “Jews” (who comprise the majority in America). 

This is no longer the case! Judaic heavy-hitters such as Israeli historian Shlomo Sand and Israeli-born geneticist Eran Elhaik have staked their claim to the Khazarian descent of the imposters worshipped by Churchianity as the direct descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The media are increasingly compelled to try and account for this puncture hole in their inflated, “Chosen People” balloon.

In the Wall Street Journal article, in addition to absurdly smearing belief in the Khazar origin of European “Jews” as Stalinist, the true, Turkic-Khazar identity of most European “Jews” is dismissed—not because it is false— but because it allegedly has “an anti-Jewish pedigree.” 

How can it be anti-Jewish? Authentic Jews are not in any way harmed by identifying the imposters among them—those "who say they are Jews and are not" (toward whom the Bible takes a dim view: Revelation 2:9).  

Until they can establish their identity to our satisfaction, we always refer to the millions who self-advertise as “Jews” as Judaics, a term which more accurately reflects their cerebral nostalgia and attachment to Judaism or the customs and traditions associated with the Talmudic tribe in general, while eschewing their claims to having “proof" that establishes descent from King David etc. 

The followers of the dead “messiah," Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, late of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, actually claim such documents exist proving King David is Schneerson's ancestor, in a direct line of descent. Truly, the Talmudic mentality is a fairy tale mentality.

Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism Discovered.  

@HoffmanMichaelA     www.RevisionistHistory.org

Thursday, June 22, 2017

News of Israeli leaders who advocate rape suppressed by media

Creating Fake News through Omission 

The mass media manufacture fake news not only by commission broadcasting or printing liesbut by omissionsowing ignorance, and creating false impressions by suppressing news-worthy facts the public has a right to know.

By Michael Hoffman

The Israeli military’s Chief Rabbi, Eyal Karim

Two of the most egregious instances of this type of fake news involve the celebrated Zionist Left wing "newspaper of record," the New York Times, which has refused to report that Israeli Prof. Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University, (1) and the Israeli Military's Chief Rabbi Eyal Karim (also spelled "Qarim"), advocate raping Arab women. 

The Times regards the unconscionable pronouncements of the Chief Rabbi and the Israeli university professor as not worthy of reporting. 

Rabbi Karim and Prof. Kedars views subvert the mainstream media narrative, in that they radically undercut the fake news image of the rabbinic religion as a supremely ethical and humane pillar of western civilization. 

To protect this incessantly propagated disinformation, the Times suppresses the fact that rape advocacy is derived from rabbinic law. Rabbi Moses Maimonides, the supreme halachic authority among the Ashkenazim, ruled that a Judaic soldier may rape a Yefas To’ar (female goy captive) when he is not actively fighting a battle (cf. Hilchos Melachim 8:3). 

Moreover, according to Judaic scholar Dov S. Zakheim (in Meorot vol. 6, no 1, p. 5),  “It is the consensus of many halachic decisors (judges of rabbinic law) that the yefat to’ar can be subject to involuntary intercourse...” The Israeli militarys chief rabbi agrees.

“The wars of Israel […] are mitzvah (divinely blessed) wars, in which they differ from the rest of the wars the nations (goyim) wage among themselves. Since, essentially, a war is not an individual matter, but rather nations wage war as a whole, there are cases in which the personality of the individual is “erased” for the benefit of the whole. And vice versa: sometimes you risk a large unit for the saving of an individual, when it is essential for purposes of morale. One of the important and critical values during war is maintaining the army’s fighting ability […] 

"As in war the prohibition against risking your life is broken for the benefit of others, so are the prohibitions against immorality and of kashrut (kosher). Wine touched by gentiles, consumption of which is prohibited in peacetime, is allowed at war, to maintain the good spirit of the warriors. Consumption of prohibited foods is permitted at war (and some say, even when kosher food is available), to maintain the fitness of the warriors, even though they are prohibited during peacetime. 

J"ust so, war removes some of the prohibitions on sexual relations (gilui arayot), and even though fraternizing with a gentile woman is a very serious matter, it was permitted during wartime (under the specific terms) out of understanding for the hardship endured by the warriors. And since the success of the whole at war is our goal, the Torah permitted the individual to satisfy the evil urge (yetzer ha’ra), under the conditions mentioned, for the purpose of the success of the whole.” (End quote).

Rabbi Karims words would be outrageous even if he were not the chief spiritual teacher and counselor of the Israeli army, navy and air forces which hold in their grasp the nearly helpless captive population of Palestine. 

For the Chief Rabbi to exercise this power and authority having advocated the rape of non-Judaic women, and then having his monstrous doctrine concealed by a curtain of silence from Americaacclaimed newspaper of record, and almost the entire Establishment media, is a grave indictment of corporate journalism in the U.S. 

Our indignation increases in view of the fact that the least hint of a rape ideology or praxis anywhere in American life (much less from a high government official), elicits (quite rightly) horror and furious protest. Yet the Title IX activists and Democrat Party feminists have been eerily indifferent concerning the billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars sent to a nation that has as its military's Chief Rabbi a miscreant who justifies the rape of women who are not Judaic.


(1) While nothing about Kedar's rape advocacy has ever appeared in the news section of the Times, or in any section of its U.S. edition (which is the most widely read), exactly one sentence was devoted to Kedar's rape advocacy in an editorial published only overseas, in the "International New York Times."  By contrast, concerning a single allegation of rape at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in upstate New York, the Times, which considers itself a journalistic leader in the campaign against rape, published a lengthy exposé, beginning on the front page of its U.S. edition of July 13, 2014

When rape pertains to goyim accused of the crime, the Times is in the forefront of reporting it. 

Where Judaic law and Israeli religious and secular leaders are implicated in the institutionalization of rape in the Israeli military and society, the New York Times is guilty of perpetrating fake news by omitting reports of these facts; thereby shielding the reputation of the rabbinic religion and its exponents. 

Zionist Right wing and conservative" Republican neocon media in America are equally culpable for having disgracefully suppressed these truths for the same manipulative motive  denying the American people factual news about Orthodox Judaism, the Israeli military and Israeli society as a whole. 

For further research:

Michael Hoffman is the author of the books, Judaism Discovered, and Judaism’s Strange Gods. He is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press.

Copyright ©2017 by Michael Hoffman

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The people we are to fear

The people we are to fear 
 according to St. Bernadette of Lourdes

By Michael Hoffman

A  Catholic saint had something instructive to impart about those whom we are to fear.

St. Bernadette of Lourdes was a nun in the convent of the Sisters of Charity in Nevers, France in the year 1870. She was interviewed while furious combat was underway in the north of the country, as the seemingly invincible Prussian army advanced on Paris. 

From the book La Salette, Lourdes, Pontmain: Voyage d'un croyant by Edmond Lafond [Paris: Bray et Retaux Libraires-Éditeurs, 1872, p. 238], published while she was still alive, comes the following account.

A visitor spoke to Bernadette in the convent and asked her:

Did you receive, in the grotto of Lourdes, or after then, any revelations related to the future and fate of France? Did not the Blessed Virgin deliver any warning for France, any threats?”

Bernadette: “No.”

Visitor: “The Prussians are at our gates; does that not cause you any fear?

Bernadette: “No.”

Visitor: “There is thus nothing to fear?

Bernadette:  I only fear bad Catholics.

Visitor: “You do not fear anything else?”

Bernadette:  “No, nothing else."

(End quote)

The most dangerous enemies of the Church of Jesus Christ are not rabbis or Moslems. They are "bad Catholics” who, with their situation ethics, enable the ruinous dictatorship of the Money Power by allowing the mortal sin of renting money to dominate the nation’s economy, while rendering it a legitimate, moral business model for Catholics (and everyone else). 

The most dangerous enemies of the Church of Jesus Christ are the “bad Catholic” popes of the past five hundred years who approved (or kept silent) concerning the Hermetic-Kabbalism of Pico della Mirandola, whose Satanic doctrine, spread by himself and his “bad Catholic" papal and ecclesiastical co-conspirators, crept inside the hierarchy and took up residence there, never to be expelled, rotting the Vatican from the top down, beginning on June 18, 1493, with the papal absolution of Pico, and finally emerging, in the full glare of publicity, at the Second Vatican Council, as its papal herald, Cardinal Henri de Lubac, openly acknowledged. 

The most dangerous enemies of the Church of Jesus Christ enacted the masonic doctrine of papal infallibility, instigated by the "bad Catholic" Joseph de Maistre (yes, masonic, a datum not difficult to prove; shock at this fact is a comment on the astonishingly poor state of the history of the Church as presented to dupes by "bad Catholic” authors). 

These are just a few of the documented facts which are profoundly destabilizing to true believers in the mythical orthodoxy of the "bad Catholics" at the top of the Egyptian obelisk, i.e. the post-Renaissance, pre-Vatican Council II pontiffs (as well as their post-conciliar successors). 

Having no credible counter to these and other revisionist facts, the true believer (cf. the eponymous book by Eric Hoffer), continues to cling to a fantasy Catholicism, while attempting to nullify revisionist history with the corrupt tactic of the liberal media: the infamous "silent treatment."

Bad Catholics will do that. It is part of what makes them the people most to be feared. Corruptio optimi est pessima.


Michael Hoffman is the author of a new revisionist history, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome